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Thank you!

Telic Arts Exchange would like to acknowledge the following people for their financial donations and contribution of volunteer time. We appreciate their support to help grow TAE's projects.

Mark Allen, Natalie Alton, S. E Barnet, Antonia Blocker, Benjamin Bratton, Jeremy Burgen, Brendan Burke, Judith Burke, Heather Bursch, Helen Cahng, York Chang, Kevin B. Chen, Sharon Cheslow, Peter Cho, Cynthia Chou, Elise Co, Ed Coolidge, Deborah Cox, Denise Davis, Scott Davis, Sean Deyoe, Tracy Do, Sean Dockray, Adam Eeuwens, Xarene Eskandar, Mason Fong, Michael Ham, Maroun Harb, Ryan Hattig, Peter Hearn, Micol Hebron, Amara Hopping, Hugo Hopping, Barbara Ito, Leslie Ito, Philip Ito, Tim Jaeger, Mike Kelly, Osman Khan, Ki Chul Kim, Steve Kim, Alice Ko, Harlan Lee, Karen Lee, Tom Leeser, Eric Lindley, Richard Liu, Marshal Lo, Shana Lutker, Rachel Mayeri, Laurie McGahey, John McGahey, Michael McGahey, Peter McGahey, Chandler McWilliams, Christian Moeller, Rebeca Mendez, Quyen Do Mullin, Tiana Murillo, Hillary Mushkin, Sarah Paul Ocampo, Adam Overton, Anna Oxygen, Nikita Pashenkov, Duc Pham, Diane Pham, Nancy Pham, Tamala Poljak, Amar Ravva, Cait Reas, Casey Reas, Eliot Rocket, Lilith Rocket, Alison Saar, Fernando Sanchez, Adam Shira, Pascual Sisto, Michael Smoler, Norma Soto, Courtney Stricklin, Robert Summers, Phil Taylor, Cybelle Tondu, Denise Vose, Brad Wagner, Angie Waller, Fiona Whitton, Steve Wong, Zoe Wong, Chi-wang Yang, Stephen Van Dyck, Jiacong Yan, Jenny Yang

Telic Arts Exchange has received support from the following foundations, corporations and government agencies:

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts , The Annenberg Foundation , CIM , The Good Son, The Lee Group , the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission , The Mondriaan Foundation ,National Forest, The New Belgium Brewing Company , PCL , The Peter Norton Family Foundation, Superior Sod , Trader Joes , Via Cafe and Waste Management.